Leadership Advice For My Daughter

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December 7, 2015
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December 9, 2015

Leadership Advice For My Daughter


One of my teenage daughters came to me one day, and boldly declared:

"Papa I have decided that when I grow up I want to go into politics. So I want to know what I must study at University to be able to serve our people well?"

"First of all you must recognize that it's a very sacred duty to lead your people. Jesus set a very high standard for Christians who wish to take up leadership roles whether in the church or the society at large. Do you remember what He said?”

“Yes, He said those who would want to lead as Christians must make themselves servants of those whom they lead, and must not 'Lord it over the people they rule'."
"That is very good" I replied. Then I added, "it really does not matter what you study, as long as it includes the following:

1.         You must study and understand modern economics and be financially literate. Almost every single decision you will ever make has economic implications. Every decision that is made by every other nation is ultimately economic in nature. You must be constantly aware of the economic and financial implications of every single decision.

2.         You must study and understand law. Make the "rule of law" your only master. Fight to ensure that everyone enjoys the protection of the law and is under the same laws. Never allow the elite to believe they are above the law, and the poor to believe they have no real access to the law.

3.         Make sure you fully understand what is corruption, and fight it with everything you have including, if necessary, your very life." After a few moments, she said, "I think I will wait until I'm really grown up." I sighed and said, "you are wise my child, but don't take too long to grow  up.”


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