GE Women Share Five Tips To Get Ahead

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December 7, 2015

GE Women Share Five Tips To Get Ahead

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Carol Koech, Joyce Laboso and Veronica Ndumbi are three women at the height of their GE careers in East Africa and are part of GE’s Women’s Network. Carol is the sales leader for GE’s Jenbacher engines for Sub-Saharan Africa, Joyce is the financial services leader for GE East Africa and Veronica is the buy to pay process leader for Sub-Saharan Africa. They shared five great tips for career success.

All three executives have a reputation as results-driven performers, as they always strive to do the best job possible. Maintaining a positive, can-do attitude has gone a long way towards gaining the respect of their colleagues. As an example, Joyce was on leave when her name came up for promotion, but the decision was made in her favour because she’d already won the faith and respect of her colleagues. When new opportunities present themselves, always put your best foot forward.

To succeed at GE, it’s critical to be a team player and to bring out the best in colleagues, whether you work in the same office or in a remote location. Remote colleagues can still be a critical source of feedback on your performance. To succeed at GE, develop self-confidence and be willing to tackle whatever tasks or challenges come your way.

Look for opportunities where you can either be a mentor yourself, or benefit from mentorship. At the same time, also look out for talented female peers who would benefit from career guidance, mentorship and coaching. All three women said mentors had helped them to succeed in their careers. Even if you don’t have a mentor, you can develop networks among colleagues and like- minded professionals who will give feedback on your performance and help you to do better.

Be bold, keep an open mind and embrace challenges in your career, says Carol. Likewise, Veronica said that being able to make her mind up quickly, even in the face of adversity and challenge, had brought her career opportunities. When adversity comes your way, single- mindedly focus on achieving targets through effective time management.

As working mothers, Carol and Joyce sometimes face competing pressures. Carol relies on good house help so that she can focus on work while at the office. Once home, she says, she makes sure to spend quality time with her family. Joyce says time management is key to achieving work life balance, particularly her ability to think on her feet. She gives her son a lift to school every morning and cooks a family meal twice a week. Weekend time is family time.
Single women also need to manage their work life balance. For Veronica, being organised is essential. She manages her workload so that she isn’t overloaded, is an involved aunt and serves as a Rotarian in her community.

culled from GE Reports

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